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Covid 19 Updates

in Southfield, MI

  • For the safety of our community, mask’s are worn into the building. Once your session begins you are welcome to take your mask off or leave your mask on. If you choose to leave your mask on, please at anytime if you have a hard time breathing either stop exercising and catch your breath or take your mask off.  Your instructor or Physical Therapist will keep their mask on.  At the end of your session please put your mask on before you move through the building.
  • Not only for your health, but also, the health of our staff and others. Please reschedule your appointment if you…
    • Have shortness of breath, coughing, fever, any other symptoms or have tested positive.
    • Have come in contact with anyone or live with anyone who has tested positive or has symptoms
  • Cleaning is done before and after each client and class.  Every piece of equipment, prop, springs etc will be cleaned. Extra cleaning is also done throughout the day.
  • All clients and patients are asked to enter the building 1-2 minutes before your session or class to reduce the amount of traffic in the building.  If you are more comfortable, you are welcome to wait in your car. Just send us a text (248)870-2764 or call (248)552-1012 and let us know you arrived.

During this time a part, we have been busy improving our facility. Upgrading how we can contact each other, easier class scheduling, cancelling and even easy to purchase classes and gift cards! Here is a quick outline  

  • We now have a text only number – 248-870-2764. Ask us questions, let us know you’re running a few minutes late, and schedule or cancel classes. 
  • Set up your MINDBODY account to manage your preferred way of contact, class management, payments and more! 
  • When classes can resume we know that not everyone will be comfortable returning. With that, class scheduling will be first come first served basis. Schedule by going online, mobile app, or even using our text only number (248-870-2764). Scheduling can be done 1 month in advanced for classes. To keep everyone safe, class sizes (for the time being) are a limit of 5 people at every other reformer. 
  • Purchasing class packages, single classes, gift cards and more has never been easier AND more secure! All of these can be purchased through the MINDBODY app. Due to COVID-19 everyone’s class/private packages were extended 2 additional months  
  • Schedules are hectic and life can be crazy. Let’s make it easier, class/session cancellations are now made within a 12-hour notice instead of 24 hours. This new cancellation window is more realistic and convenient and will no longer provide a free first cancellation. Any class or session cancelled after 12 hours will be deducted from the current package.