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in Southfield, MI

Classes We Offer

Reformer Class

A reformer class is a moderately paced Pilates class where the instructor offers progressions and modifications as needed and programs based on who is in attendance. This is an ideal class for all fitness levels. A reformer is a machine that allows the body to go through a workout without any added negative stress on the joints.

Reformer/Mat Class

A reformer/mat class is a fusion of both mat and reformer exercises. The instructor offers progressions and modifications as needed allowing the body to build strength and flexibility as well as increasing mobility.

Advanced Reformer Class

An advanced reformer class is a fast-paced class featuring advanced level exercises. Designed for those with no limitations as well as a thorough understanding of the equipment, reformer/spring setting and require little to no assistance.


A GYROKINESIS® class is a moderately paced exercises class done in a seated position that incorporates circular motion using only your body. This class will increase your overall strength, mobility and bring your spine back to life.

*Attendance in advanced level classes are based on an individuals strength and capabilities and must be approved by instructor

Our Packages

New Client Packages

  • 1 private session
  • 3 group sessions

Private Sessions with a Pilates Trainer Packages

  • 10 private sessions with trainer
  • 10 private duet

Private Sessions with Physical Therapist Packages

  •  10 private sessions with Physical Therapist

Group Class Packages

  • 10 group classes
  • 20 group classes
  • 30 group classes

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