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GYROTONIC® Expansion Method

in Southfield, MI

What is GYROTONIC ® Methodology?

‘Gyrotonic’comes from the word “gyro” meaning spiral or circle and “tonic” meaning to tone or invigorate. This unique system incorporates the movement principles from healthy activities such as swimming, yoga, gymnastics, dance and martial arts.


  • The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique exercise system created by Julio Horvath which incorporates three dimensional, circular movements to mobilize your spine and joints.
  • The exercises are conducted on specially designed equipment to allow for natural, continuous movement patterns. The equipment provides uniform resistance through all changes of direction, which distributes forces equally among involved muscle groups.
  • The system works in all possible planes of movement – not just linear planes – and the circular exercises create a bridge between muscle contraction and release. The fluidity of movement helps balance your working muscles through the rhythmical contraction and release of opposing muscles groups.
  • Carefully designed workouts that dramatically increase overall range of motion and flexibility can be created for all ages and fitness levels.

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The Difference between Pilates and Gyrotonic Methodology

  • Pilates focuses on alignment control. GYROTONIC® exercises work on “releasing” and exploring the limits within a controlled range
  • Pilates is two dimensional – think lines. GYROTONIC® movements are more three dimensional.
  • Pilates requires more fine tuned control. GYROTONIC® exercise requires more control through a larger range of motion.
  • Here are some real life examples:
    • Pilates would strengthen the pure rotation of the golf swing to protect the spinal column and lumbar spine.
    • GYROTONIC® movements focus on the larger range of motion necessary for a successful and powerful golf swing.
  • Dancers and athletes can benefit from both Pilates for alignment and GYROTONIC® exercises for increasing range of motion. Activities involving broad movements and rotation over a larger range would especially benefit from GYROTONIC® exercise .

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