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in Southfield, MI

The staff is always friendly and helpful. I’ve taken classes as well as worked with a personal trainer. In both cases the instructor was patient and explained each movement prior to completing the movement. I highly recommend this facility to you.

Laurie Smith

Pilates Fitness and Physical Therapy Center provides the advanced therapy exercise I was looking for to increase core stability and body confidence. I had limited flexibility after post surgery’s (traditional) physical therapy. My neurosurgeon suggested supervised physical therapy exercise which would condition and strengthen my body for functional movement. Individual therapy sessions with Ron Jegadeesh are customized to my therapy goals. Ron incorporates Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise which emphasize proper body alignment, stretching, strengthening and coordinating the body, breath and mind. These methods lower tension, lessen fatigue and improve my posture; this conditioning is increasing my functional movement and will prevent further damage to my spine. The staff and facility are

Theresa Thomas

Some 10+ years ago when my husband’s health declined, for rehabilitation I discovered Pilates Fitness Evolution. Ron Jegadeesh conducted a plan whereby my husband could regain strength with core exercise and maintain cardio. He lived for several years with Ron’s assistance and his own determination. Fast forward subsequent years, and I find myself to be Ron’s client, having suffered fracture, traumatic bruised sprain over left side of body and concussion from being a pedestrian struck by a moving car. From the beginning Ron began gradual strength gain through breathing and aligned movement so that presently I have retired wheelchair, walkers, and now almost discarding a sturdy cane. I returned to his studio to travel from Ann Arbor to Southfield for the personalized treatment received at this physical therapy studio. I am grateful to the professional staff for treatment received.


Ron is a great physical therapist and is extremely knowledgeable. He has been helping me with my injuries and has given me relief from the pain. I recommend to everyone I care about to come here, even if it’s just for one time. If you are in pain and/or need help, go here.

Kit Kat
Great people to work with. Over the years we’ve found Pilates Fitness Evolution to be professionals who are very dedicated in all they offer.
Oliver Markeing

This is the best thing I have done for myself. I have less pain and more flexibility better posture and have lost inches. The people there are so very nice. Our instructor , Ron is very knowledgeable and does a great job . . I will never give up this class

Mary Moss

Excellent instructors and facility, classes are professional and caring. Started in 2015 after an injury, I highly recommend them for classes or physical therapy. They give me ‘extra’ personal attention every time I’m there which is 3x weekly. We work hard and the benefits are showing! They are highly trained and knowledgeable in their fields. I jumped around from studio to studio and finally found the perfect place. In 3 years time I have never experienced or noticed ANYTHING unprofessional, I couldn’t be happier with Melissa and Ron.

Beth Silver

Ron is an amazing person and therapist. His staff is professional and caring. I have been searching for years for a therapist who could help me with a wholistic approach. He understands the body, how it works, and what to do to help you heal your injuries.

Chrystal Ridgeway

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