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Studio Policies

Pilates Fitness and Physical Therapy

Studio Policies

To ensure your overall well-being and safety,  an instructor can deny a clients participation in class if arriving 10 minutes or more after the class start time.  This will be in conjunction with the cancellation policy.

All services/packages have a four month expiration from the date of purchase. Unless for an extreme case, there are no extensions or refunds.  In the event that an extension is granted by the office manager, the maximum extension will be 30 days from the return date of the client.  This policy encourages you to be consistent and commit to your fitness and health goals.

Any form fitting fitness clothing will be great for your class or session.

  • Leggings, work out pants, work out shorts (with proper undergarments if necessary)
  • Tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeve, zip ups

**Please note that grip socks are required for all classes and sessions.  Tavi Noir grip socks are sold at the studio. You are also welcome to bring your own grip socks.

Please cancel your class/session reservation within 12 hours of your scheduled time.  These cancellations can be made over the phone (248-552-1012), by text (248-870-2764), Mindbody online or through the Mindbody mobile app (Pilates Fitness and Physical Therapy Center).  Any class or session cancelled after 12 hours will be deducted from the current group class package.  When a package is not available, or the session is a private session the fee is $25.

The safety of our clients and instructors is our number one concern. While Pilates Fitness and Physical Therapy will make every effort to remain open; there may be times classes will be cancelled. This is in the interest of keeping everyone safe.

We do not follow any school district’s cancellation policy.  Any class cancellations are a class-by-class decision.

If we decide to hold classes, the standard cancellation and no-show policies DO still apply. 

When in doubt, cancel! If your class is still on the schedule but you do not feel comfortable traveling to the studio, please cancel your reservation mobile app/online/by phone in order to avoid late-cancel and/or no-show penalties. 

If classes are canceled, we will do our best to give as much notice as possible.

The best and most accurate way to determine if classes are canceled is to check the MindBody online schedule via the web or mobile app. The schedule is updated immediately as decisions are made. If a class is still listed on the schedule, then as of that moment we are still planning to hold the class.

You will also receive an email/text notification from us if your class has been canceled (please check your settings within your MindBody profile to ensure you are opted-in to receive our email/text notifications!)