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2021 Is the Year for GYROTONIC® and Pilates

in Southfield, MI

2021 Is the Year for GYROTONIC® and Pilates

By: Stephanie Ruopp

Most of us will be happy to leave 2020 behind. But if this 2021’s resolutions include exploring a new exercise regimen, why not try GYROTONIC® and Pilates?

One of the main reasons resolutions so often fizzle out by February is there are so many repetitive workout styles that quickly get old. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re doing the same rote movements day after day.

That’s where GYROTONIC® and Pilates are different. Each one has its own unique philosophy, a wide array of movements, and equipment and props to keep you interested and engaged.

Another benefit is how well they complement one another. So to get you familiarized, we’ll give you a basic breakdown of each, and what you can expect once you start doing them.


“Gyro” means spiral or circle, and “tonic” means to tone or invigorate.

GYROTONIC® is a completely original movement method of carefully crafted sequence flows that follow arcing and spiraling paths of motion. These are done with seamless connections.

Moving in this fashion allows practitioners to explore the natural range of motion in their joints without jarring or compression. Furthermore, it helps to improve balance and increase strength and flexibility.

Beyond that, the intentional movements in GYROTONIC® aid in opening energetic pathways and stimulating the nervous system. This makes it a comprehensive system that addresses the entire person – body and mind.
You can’t exactly say that about burpees and jumping jacks.

The GYROTONIC® Equipment

GYROTONIC® utilizes a specialized line of equipment known as the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. The line incorporates natural, three dimensional, circular movements to mobilize your spine and joints.

The equipment can be easily adapted for height, arm/leg length, and range of motion to fit each person’s specific needs and physique. A pulley type system provides uniform resistance through all changes of direction;
thereby distributing force equally among each involved muscle group.

The system works in all possible planes of movement and the circular exercises create a bridge between muscle contraction and release. It’s a truly revolutionary form of movement and exercise that blends well with Pilates.

What Is Pilates?

The foundation of Pilates is built upon the idea that every movement you make originates at your center. Whether it’s lifting your legs, twisting your torso, or even simply swinging your arms, it all moves through your core

Similar to GYROTONIC®, Pilates doesn’t focus on countless repetitions or striving to hit “the next level.” Instead, it places an emphasis on coordinating movements and achieving alignment of the body.

It might sound and even look easy. But we assure you – Pilates is challenging. And it’s NEVER boring. Your body and mind must work in tandem to perform exercises with precision, while keeping a focus on technique.

Different Types of Pilates and Equipment

Pilates is a rather extensive system that has evolved over the years.

For instance, Mat Pilates doesn’t require complex equipment. The mindful and intentional movements are performed on nothing more than a mat. A skilled instructor may also have you working with props like Therabands, a Bosu ball, or other studio equipment. This is especially the case when the focus is on stabilizing muscles.

Once practitioners get a feel for the movements on the mat, they may explore Reformer Pilates. This tends to be more challenging than Mat Pilates – though some of the exercises are the same. They’re just performed on a piece of equipment with a movable flat platform and adjustable bar for resistance. This is known as the Reformer.

Another piece of equipment is affectionately termed the Pilates Cadillac. It’s a bed-frame type table that uses the classic Pilates mat, but adds springs for support and challenge. This special trapeze table earned its name when, upon seeing one for the first time, a client asked Joseph Pilates if it was his new Cadillac.

Then there’s the Pilates chair.

This is essentially a box with a padded seat on top and a pedal attached
to one side or split down the middle. The chair is ideal for standing or
seated work and the tension in the springs can be adjusted to make exercises easier or more difficult. And because the movements cover a smaller surface area, this can make them all the more challenging.

Unlike your standard gym machines, the specialized equipment in GYROTONIC® and Pilates are utilized only under the watchful eye of an experienced Pilates instructor.

And this makes the movements all the more personalized precisely to

Are You Ready to Give GYROTONIC® and Pilates a Try?

Hint: the answer is yes.

So ditch the boring gym routine and sign up for a new you this new year.
Contact us to see what GYROTONIC® and Pilates can do for you.

You really will be amazed.