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Being Present In Your Workout

in Southfield, MI

Being Present In Your Workout

Are you an exercise fanatic? Or do you fancy yourself more of a weekend
warrior? Whatever the case, if you approach your workout as sheer
drudgery, you’ll be far less motivated to do it.

This is the beauty of being present in your workout. When you’re able to
practice mindfulness and tune into the “now,” you’ll experience your
workout on a higher level. As the saying goes, “Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”
Yeah, okay. It may sound hokey. And when you first engage in mindful
workouts, it might feel strange or even uncomfortable. But over time and
with dedication, your mind and body will appreciate this new approach.

Being Present In Your Workout

How distracted are you during your workout? Is your mind wandering
around in the future or in the past? That’s totally normal. After all, the mind
is a problem-solving device . So it’s forever looking for a problem to solve.
And chances are, you’ll always find at least one problem. But this is
exhausting. Plus, it causes you to lose connection with whatever activity in
which you’re partaking.

We’re not saying it’s wrong to pop in your earbuds and zone out with your
favorite playlist. In some ways, this can be meditative. But there’s a distinct
feeling that comes with being in the moment. It’s an undeniable flow that
provides the following benefits:

1. Better Physical Health

Mindfulness has become a buzzword. This is a good thing. Because as a
result of its increasing popularity, there’s a willingness to fund research
around it.

And what does the research show?

Some research has made a connection with improved cardiovascular

health, lower body mass index (BMI) and decreased blood sugar levels
among those who regularly practice mindfulness.

In fact, activities such as Pilates , Tai Chi, and yoga are shown to improve
breathing, heart rate, and other actions dictated by the parasympathetic
(the rest and digest) nervous system.

Studies also indicate that those who practice being present while working
out feel better about their physical health. This uplifted state results in their
making healthier lifestyle choices.

2. Lower Stress

When you practice mindfulness and being in the moment, it gives your
brain time to slow down. It’s like a mental reset button. So while you’re
working your body, you’re giving your brain a break.

In addition, exercise systems like those that we mentioned above lend
themselves naturally to mindfulness because of their focus on the breath.
Practitioners of these systems learn various breathing techniques that pair
with movement. Just bringing attention to the breath is an effective way to
keep coming back to the present moment.

In addition, these forms of exercise ask participants to focus on form,
muscle contraction and release, postural alignment, and how the entire
body is connected. This is built-in mindfulness.

3. More Overall Satisfaction

You might be saying, “I already feel satisfied after I work out.” And that’s
great! When you know you’re doing something that’s beneficial for your
health, there’s a sense of pride upon completion.
But once again, research finds that folks who practice being present during
their workout have increased levels of satisfaction. This is especially the
case for those who previously had difficulty making exercise a regular

Remember Why You’re Exercising 

One of the best ways to commit to being present in your workout is to keep
in mind all of the reasons you do it. For example, you’ll have more energy;
feel good about yourself; get better sleep; experience less stress; etc.
So if you’re going to carve out the time to exercise, give yourself
permission to give it your full attention. Take your time, be present with
each movement, and celebrate your efforts. You deserve to care for

We all do.

Interested in Mindful Movement?

If you’d like to experience being present in your workout, now is a great
time to give Pilates a try. Contact us today to find out about our Pilates
classes and offerings. You’re sure to find something that’s just right for you.
And soon enough, you’ll notice the benefits of being present as
mindfulness spreads into your everyday life.