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Building A Solid Framework:

in Southfield, MI

By: Special Advertising Section August 19, 2015

A: Injuries in sports happen whether it’s a high-contact, high-competitive sport or a weekend pick-up game between friends. With more intensive sports programs and year round competition becoming the norm, student athletes are more vulnerable to injuries. It’s important to carefully select a rehabilitation program for growing bodies. Treatment for children is different than it is for adults, as the musculoskeletal system is still growing. Pilates Fitness and Physical Therapy treats young athletes using a multifaceted approach including: A comprehensive injury evaluation; a custom rehabilitation program using Pilates-based methodology; addressing muscle imbalances; and working on strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and proprioception as needed for the athlete’s chosen sport.

The student will be ready to safely return to his or her sport stronger, more body-aware, and with information they can use to prevent future injuries. Athletes, coaches, and parents should also consider a mind-body cross-training program to prevent injuries before they happen. Pilates and GYROTONIC methods are excellent for young bodies in motion, as they promote body awareness and train smaller muscle groups to prevent injuries. Pilates Fitness and Physical Therapy Center offers private training and group classes.