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Finding Motivation for 2020

in Southfield, MI

Finding Motivation for 2020

By: Stephanie Ruopp

Right around this time of year, some of us

start thinking about what we want from the new year.

And moving into the year with some plans and resolutions in place is a positive way to start 2020.

But let’s be real.

Actually finding motivation to follow through on them can be really tough.

Of course, any goals that aren’t clear and manageable are bound to go by the wayside. But even the most realistic ones can be easily forgotten by February or March. If not before.

Finding Motivation Takes Some Work

You probably don’t want to hear that. And it’s likely you already know this. But simply saying you’re going to do something is a lot easier than actually doing it.

There are some steps you can take that will help keep you motivated to meet your goals for 2020.

1. Break Procrastination with Optimism

Have you ever noticed that you’re more likely to procrastinate on something when you’re in a bad mood?

Scarfing down a bag of potato chips on the couch sounds much more comforting than going to an exercise class. But that comfort is short-lived.

When you’re in a good mood though, it’s far easier to hit that class. That’s because, as research shows, happiness increases productivity.

But who’s happy, positive, and optimistic all the time? Nobody.

On those bad mood days, say out loud or write down the reason you need to head to that class. Remind yourself of the benefits of doing it.

Then after returning from the class, monitor any progress you made. Remember that sometimes, just going to the class will be progress enough. 

The more progress you make, the more motivated you will feel. The more motivated you are, the more optimistic. And the more optimistic, the less likely you are to procrastinate.

2. Break It up and Have Some Fun

As we said before, your goals must be realistic if you are to achieve them. But even a realistic goal can feel like a lot to chew off all at once.

So break it down into smaller goals and start with the easier tasks.

For example, if you’re determined to paint the garage this year, rather than set aside a whole weekend to do it, plan to do just one side at a time. When you finish the first side, you may be feeling motivated to continue. If not, go grab some lunch, reset, and then tackle the second side a little later.

It doesn’t have to be drudgery. In fact, if it is drudgery, you’re more likely to not follow through. So in the case of the garage, you could invite a couple of friends to help out, turn on some jams, then round out the day with a nice dinner together.

Or if you’re still trying to get to that class, maybe try another class that challenges you in a different way. For instance, if you’ve never taken a GYROTONIC© class, give it a try!

3. Give Yourself Rewards and Rest

Rewards are responsible for three-quarters of why you do anything. Of course, some rewards are more enjoyable than others. Obviously, you shovel the driveway for the reward of being able to get your car in and out of it.

But in terms of the goals you’re setting for 2020, be sure to treat yourself whenever you complete something on your to-do list. (Just be sure that your reward doesn’t completely negate the work you’ve done – i.e. eating a huge ice cream sundae for meeting your diet goals.)

The reality is, too much working toward your goal can actually make you less productive. So schedule breaks. And give yourself a couple of days each week where you allow yourself longer breaks so you can rest and relax. These too are rewards.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

Get yourself an accountability partner. 

This is someone who will periodically check in with you to see how you’re doing with your goals. This could be a friend, co-worker or mentor. If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone you know, you could hire a health and wellness life coach who’s trained in this area.

Try to schedule meetings or phone calls with your partner in advance to set up definitive dates by which you want to complete a goal. This makes you accountable to your partner to then reach the goal by that date.

Your accountability partner can also send you occasional reminders, such as “Are you still having friends over to paint the garage this weekend?” or “What time is the GYROTONIC© class you’re going to today?”

5. Join a Group

It might be time for some good old-fashioned peer pressure.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted only to be friends with the other kids who seemed cool to you?

Well, you’re an adult now and hopefully much better at reading people. With that being said, surrounding yourself with the people you admire most – and those who are working toward the same goals – is tremendously helpful.

A group can help you stay on track while simultaneously giving you support, feedback, and praise to keep you moving forward on your goal. In fact, the groups you associate with often determine the type of person you become.

So look for a group on social media, or check with your local community center, library, or city hall.

6. Have a Plan for Setbacks

Not to discourage you, but there’s a good chance you’ll have a setback on occasion.

So if you’re prepared for this now, then it won’t be the end of the world when it happens.

Have a support system in place and a list of activities you can do that will help you reset and restart. And soon enough, you’ll be back on track!

Here Comes 2020!

Finding motivation to meet your goals for this exciting new year doesn’t have to be difficult.

Just set realistic and healthy goals, find some people to support you on your journey, then get ready for some great changes.

And for more information on Pilates and GYROTONIC© classes, contact us today.

We’ll help you meet your 2020 goals.