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Pain Is Not Child’s Play:

in Southfield, MI

By: Special Advertising Section October 11, 2012

Q: Why is Pilates-based physical therapy becoming the choice in rehabilitation?

A: Pilates-based physical therapy is designed to work the entire body and build your core. In Pilates-based physical therapy, each client is given a treatment plan that’s been specifically designed for their individual needs — not a one-size-fits-all treatment plan based on a diagnosis. Pilates is gentle yet effective in rehabilitation.

If you have ever undergone a physical therapy regimen, you know that most conditions require 12 or more visits. In fact, therapy can take months. Not so at Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center in Southfield. Here, we can effectively treat most conditions in just six to eight visits, thanks to the unique combination of hands-on physical therapy and Pilates. Pilates-based physical therapy simply works better.

Most clients using Pilates Movement Therapy find relief from pain while recovering from the types of trauma and injury experienced because of accidents, or due to chronic pain. Pilates focuses on working the muscles from the inside out, and layers of muscles in the torso are trained to protect the lower back. This allows the body to perform movements with ease and fluidity. Pilates is often the most permanently effective tool because it addresses and strengthens the entire body and its core musculature while promoting new neuromuscular patterns.

Pilates also decompresses the neck and back while addressing the deterioration of  range of motion in the joints and the lack of muscular flexibility, which can often help alleviate pain. While Pilates addresses specific-site injury during rehabilitation, oxygenation and circulation within the body work together to help the healing process and attain a patient’s overall goal of pain relief. Once that is achieved, Pilates can be effective in preventing re-injury and may also be used as a fitness routine to maintain progress.