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Take Charge of Your Health:

in Southfield, MI

By: Special Advertising Section May 16, 2012

Poor posture is the primary cause of neck and back problems, says physical therapist and Pilates instructor Ron Jegadeesh, the owner of Pilates Fitness Evolution.

“Most people sit with their head and body leaning forward. Their shoulders are rounded, and they slump or stoop at the computer or while driving,” Jegadeesh says. “If you sit, stand, or walk without proper posture, one muscle group works harder and becomes stronger than another muscle group. The stronger muscle gets tighter and lacks flexibility, while the weaker muscle loses strength.”

Posture alignment is an integral component of every Pilates exercise.

“When you do Pilates you have a sense of power, grace, elegance of movement, and self-confidence,” says Jegadeesh, whose clients include many people who have achieved far better results with Pilates-based physical therapy than with traditional physical therapy.

“The first thing people notice is that their posture and alignment have changed. They feel like they’ve grown an inch taller. As the sessions progress, they notice improved flexibility and strength.”

Pilates includes mat work without equipment, and exercises using a reformer to assist and resist movement.

“At each session I also teach exercises that the client can do at home or at work. Getting away from the computer at least once every hour to do postural exercises will help their rehabilitation,” Jegadeesh says. “I ask them to make a habit of keeping their body in good alignment as they go about with their daily activities. They learn to sit taller, stand taller, and walk taller.”