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in Southfield, MI

By: Special Advertising Section January 9, 2019

Q: Can Pilates help manage arthritis pain?

A: Research shows that exercise is an essential tool in managing arthritis pain. Not only does exercise build stronger muscle around the joints, but it also increases flexibility and endurance while lubricating the joints and building cartilage. The type of exercise is key. There must be proper joint alignment within any movement, and this is where Pilates helps.

“Motion is lotion,” says Ron Jegadeesh, physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and owner of Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center. “Stimulating joint surfaces results in the production of synovial fluid, which essentially is the ‘motor oil’ of the joints.”

As Pilates involves structured, intentional, and informed movements, it’s ideal for those with arthritis and can be tailored to meet individual needs.

“With the assistance of springs and/or straps, almost all of our arthritis sufferers can move their joints in safe and controlled angles that would otherwise create too much pressure,” Jegadeesh says. “By working in a pain-free range of motion, our goal is to strengthen the muscles around the problem joint areas. This, is turn, provides support when these joints are called upon to perform a task.”

The end result? The aligned movements and proper biomechanics of Pilates protect arthritic joints by strengthening the surrounding tissue and improving flexibility. That means less pressure on the joints, and less pressure means less pain. It’s that simple.