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Beat the Winter Blues With GYROTONIC®

in Southfield, MI

Beat the Winter Blues With GYROTONIC®

There’s no arguing that cold weather is tough on the body – both physically and psychologically. Movement and exercise can provide ease.

Yet, the inability to stick with a regular exercise regimen is especially depressing for people who regularly walk, run, cycle, or engage in other outdoor activities. Plus, there are the dangers of ice and snow, as well as the increased risk of injury that occurs when joints and muscles aren’t warmed up.

It’s no surprise so many of us struggle with the winter blues.

No need to despair though. You can still allow your body to move, stretch and open in a mindful manner while you beat the winter blues with GYROTONIC®.

Cold Weather Causes Pain and Stiffness

When it gets cold, the body will divert blood to the live-giving organs oil the central part of the body. That means there’s less blood flow to the extremities such as the arms, legs, knees, and shoulders. Less blood flow means stiffer joints and muscles.

Add in the drop in barometric pressure that causes the gases and fluids in our joints to expand during the winter months and the challenges keep mounting. Particularly if you have arthritis or other areas that have experienced trauma.

Then, or course, there’s the general sense of malaise that comes from the short dark days of cloudy skies. This only further magnifies your perception of pain.

Fortunately, you don’t have to throw in the towel when it comes to keeping your body moving. GYROTONIC® are highly effective in keeping the muscles and joints supple and stretched during these colder months, while working with the nervous system.

And it’s all done inside!


Though not widely known in the United States yet, GYROTONIC® is a completely original movement system of arcing and spiraling flows that seamlessly link together. The system is actually comprised of two methods; GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®.

The former utilizes a specialized line of equipment known as the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® which incorporates natural, circular, three-dimensional movements to mobilize the spine and joints. Professionally trained experts in GYROTONIC® adjust the machinery for height, arm/leg length, and range of motion to fit each persons specific needs and physique.

The system works in all possible planes of movement and the circular exercises create a bridge between muscle contraction and release. A pulley type system provides uniform resistance through all changes of direction; thereby distributing force equally among each involved muscle group.

The movements allow practitioners to explore the natural range of motion in their joints without jarring or compression. They also aid in improving balance and increasing strength and flexibility.

GYROKINESIS® doesnt use equipment but rather employs stools or mats.

In both cases, the body works in continuous and fluid movements to calm the nervous system. This, in turn, decreases the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and reduces tightness and pain.

What’s more, the intentional movements in GYROTONIC® aid in opening energetic pathways and stimulating the nervous system. In this way, it addresses the mind and boosts overall well-being.

Beat the Winter Blues With GYROTONIC®

The winter blues we feel may also be the result of past traumas we carry in our muscles and tissues. Such trauma can throw the sympathetic nervous system into overdrive and trigger a constant state of fight or flight.

Existing in this heightened state has physiological consequences. It kicks up the heart rate and blood pressure, and can also cause disruptions in with sleep and digestion. All of these in tandem with the challenges of cold weather and darker days can leave us feeling drained and discouraged.

Sleep and digestion are governed by the parasympathetic nervous system so it’s essential to keep it active during the winter months. When the parasympathetic system is in full swing, muscular tension subsides and deeper rest is available.

GYROTONIC® progressions work to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which counteracts the sympathetic nervous system. The movements encourage the practitioner to engage the body in a way that is mindful and intentional.

Furthermore, the intentional breathing done in GYROTONIC® stimulates the vagus nerve which is the primary force behind activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Intentional breathing also creates awareness of the moment and creates a sensation of safety and ease.

Simply put, GYROTONIC® allows you to feel at home in your body – even during the most challenging times. The mindful movement of this system will safely give your body what it needs while remaining in the warm comfort of the great indoors.

It’s Time to Beat the Winter Blues With GYROTONIC®!

Come on in out of cold!

Contact us to incorporate this amazing system into your winter workout and let our professionally trained experts help you beat the winter blues with GYROTONIC®.

Don’t hesitate to start experiencing the effectiveness of this revolutionary system.