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The GYROTONIC® and Nervous System Connection

in Southfield, MI

The GYROTONIC® and Nervous System Connection

By: Stephanie Ruopp


For as much as technology has aided our lives, it’s left our bodies perpetually hunched over phone screens, laptops, and other devices.

If that wasn’t enough, even simple everyday actions like unloading groceries from the car or leaning down to pick something up put additional strain on our bodies.

Without thinking about what we’re doing, it’s easy to move inefficiently and end up with overused muscles, tight fascia, and injuries. This is where GYROTONIC® exercises can be really beneficial.

What’s more, because there’s a GYROTONIC® and nervous system connection, it’s an amazingly effective system for bringing more ease and relaxation into our lives too.


Although you may not have heard of it, GYROTONIC® has over 13,000 trainers worldwide. While its healing benefits are recognized by osteopaths and physical therapists in the United States, European hospitals have used GYROTONIC® exercises for years in helping patients.

So what exactly is GYROTONIC®?

Similar to how Pilates focuses on the core and breath work, GYROTONIC® exercise also corrects dysfunctional patterns of the muscular and skeletal systems while promoting energy flow throughout the body. Consider it a fusion of yoga, tai chi, swimming, ballet, and gymnastics.

The sequences in GYROTONIC® work independent muscle groups in an integrated way. Their flowing movement sequences are built around spinal motions like arching, curling, spiraling, waving, and bending side to side. The motions are circular and uninterrupted and they enable people to gain flexibility and coordination while building strength.

Another huge benefit is that GYROTONIC® is a low-impact practice. Joints are able to move naturally and without force – with the intention being to stimulate, move, and strengthen every system of the body while giving the nervous system a reboot.

The GYROTONIC® and Nervous System Connection

Muscular tightness, pain, and inflammation aren’t just caused by the movements we make every day.

Our bodies can also carry trauma that puts us in a nearly constant state of fight or flight. This is what happens when the sympathetic nervous system is thrown into overdrive. And the resulting sensations in the body can mimic those of purely physical stress or injuries.

Plus, being in this heightened state kicks up the heart rate and blood pressure, and can also cause disruptions in with sleep and digestion.

GYROTONIC® progressions work to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which counteracts the sympathetic nervous system. The movements encourage the practitioner to engage the body in a way that is mindful and intentional – paying attention to breathing.

It helps to reset parts of the brain affected by trauma.

The system is actually comprised of two methods. GYROTONIC®  is done with equipment. GYROKINESIS® doesn’t use equipment but rather employs stools or mats. In both cases, the body works in continuous and fluid movements to calm the nervous system. This, in turn, decreases the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and reduces tightness and pain.

How Does It Work?

The intentional breathing done in GYROTONIC® stimulates the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the primary force behind activating the parasympathetic nervous system. It is the parasympathetic nervous system that is crucial in our recovery processes.

Relaxation, digestion, and sleep are all governed by the parasympathetic nervous system. When this system is in full swing, muscular tension subsides and deeper rest is available. In order for the body to heal, it must be able to rest.

Furthermore, attention to breathing – as is done in GYROTONIC® – creates awareness of the immediate moment. It roots one into the present and fosters the ability to recognize there is no immediate danger. It creates a sensation of safety and ease.

At its most basic level, GYROTONIC® helps you to feel at home in your body – no matter what your situation. It’s a system of mindful movement that gives your body what it needs on a cellular level so that it can ultimately heal itself.

And it could just change your life.

Interested in Trying the GYROTONIC® Method?

Once you experience the effectiveness of the GYROTONIC® and nervous system connection, you’ll swear by it.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can bring GYROTONIC® into your life. We’re one of the very few places in Southeast Michigan that offer this system.

Let our professionally trained experts in GYROTONIC® guide you through this amazing method to help you heal mind, body, and soul.